Our programs







During CAFE Performances, expect...


active engagement with audience members by asking questions, inviting comments, and      


   encouraging singing, foot tapping, humming, and clapping


friendly, clear introductions to each piece along with interesting trivia about the music and composers


interesting arrangements of familiar melodies along with a few new pieces to appreciate.


introductions to each instrument as it gets a chance to shine


celebration of birthdays  of audience members


• opportunities to see the gigantic contrabass flute up close and talk to performers after the


   final applause has faded

NEW!  "Fascinating Flutes” lecture/demonstration

Two CAFE members will present an interactive, educational demonstration about the flute family and flute culture. Participants will see and hear all five members of the silver flute family as well as flutes constructed  from clay, plastic, and bamboo.  Myths, history, and local stories will be covered in this unique, memorable presentation.  Packaged with a CAFE concert, audiences will also enjoy an educational preview of the upcoming CAFE program.  "Fascinating Flutes" is perfect for a community gathering, lifelong learning class, or lecture series.  


                                                                                                    To hear some of our favorite pieces, click “listen.

We tailor our pr ograms to our audience.  Our most popular program, CAFE Blend, includes seasonal favorites mixed with patriotic and folk song medleys, golden oldies, whimsical pieces, jazz standards, and familiar classical melodies.  We can also customize a

concert around a special community event!  

For scheduling information, please contact Leslie Etzel at

cafeflutes@yahoo.com or 480-242-2124 


We look forward to exceeding your performance expectations!